Treasures & Treats at Brimfield - May 2016

It all begins with picking up the truck, usually much larger than we remember, but that is always the fun part -- Courtney driving and Sam navigating!  

We headed out as usual at 6am to get up to Brimfield by 8:30 to start our treasure hunt.  We always have to find a parking spot for the “oversized” vehicle and usually this takes a lot of haggling and sweet smiles on our part!  

We start off at Quaker Acre’s, our first field of finds to tackle, but this goes well, probably because we stopped at Faddy’s for the best donuts ever! After a couple of donuts each our energy is abuzz and our eyes are peeled for unique pieces, diamonds in the rough or any items on our long list of finds for clients.  We always have our favorite booths within each field, and looked up some of our favorite vendors for a chat.  

We managed (ha!) to find time to try on a few hats or cuffs, look for charms for god-daughters or special gifts for friends. We both have long lists of our own for pieces to buy for our houses, as we are collectors of many things: shell boxes, textiles, bubble glassware, carved boxes and linens.

 Our next field is New England Motel and by now we need lunch and as we both start losing our much needed focus and attention. Our favorite lunch vendors are the lobster rolls, french fries and yes, hot dogs. The fresh lemonade is delicious too!  

Now we are back in good form and ready to tackle our last field, Meadows.  By now, Sam has recorded all of our purchases and their whereabouts, because as you can imagine the hard part has yet to come: picking up each and every piece we have bought and remembering where in the web of booths they are!

And as for the finale, driving the “oversized” vehicle through the narrow maze of vendors and hordes of people to pick those pieces up and into the truck. This is the part we always seem to forget as being a struggle, but usually it's the funniest, because most people know that Courtney is not the most cautious driver!  

The day is over, close to 6pm and we head for wine and dinner at The Duck in Sturbridge. Now we are completely satiated and ready for our beds at the oh-so charming Comfort Inn, which we always book a year in advance because Brimfield is a mecca for dealers, decorators, store owners, treasure seekers and pickers, like us who LOVE the idea of a day or two of hunting, bargaining and discovering the gems found in these fields.

We have learned over the years that the first two days are the best. Wednesday’s Heart of the Mart field, which opens at 9am, is a great group of dealers with rare finds. It's always been lucky for us!  

Our truck is usually almost full by the afternoon and we are dragging, loading up the last pieces ready to get home to unload once again into the barn!  

Our found, cherished items will either be refinished, painted, upholstered or re-purposed. But like christmas morning, the best part is seeing what surprise and joy comes from something old into something new!